The 21st century female is a lot of things &
tech-savvy is one of them!



Today’s complex, global economy requires a skilled and gender- balanced workforce that can leverage technology to fuel success. Dynamic fields like data science and web development evolve in real time, and we will continuously pilot, launch, and sunset programs to respond to market demand and the evolution of tools and techniques. As part of our commitment to accessible and affordable education for women, we're focused on developing programs and financing options to ensure that students have the means and support systems they need to learn at Gitgirl.



We at Gitgirl all look forward to a time when being a woman in technology would be seen as normal. There has been so much talk about equal representation and diversity in the tech industry due to gender imbalance. There is a targeted effort to train and recruit more females into the tech industry through female-only boot camps, programs, scholarships, workshops, etc. all in a bid to boost the female inclusion rate in the industry. The following are goals that drive our efforts.


Ensure women with the passion and readiness to succeed can access Gitgirl programs, even if they can’t pay out of pocket.


Increase representation of women in tech roles across a range of industries.


As companies struggle to compete in an increasingly technological economy whilst achieving female inclusion in the workplace, Gitgirl provides dynamic training to close the global skills gap.


Build and foster a tech talent pipeline that reflects the gender-inclusion of communities where Gitgirl operates and the global Gitgirl community.


“It is important to create specific programs that invest in girls & women”

Yvonne  |  Founder



After working in advertising, Yvonne felt unfulfilled and decided to pursue a career in tech because she wanted to wear the confidence of being a woman in tech too. 

Her journey to tech was ladened with so much frustrations because the online courses that were flexible enough for her were really expensive and even when she committed, she barely finished. She repeated one of her courses and that was heart wrenching but also eye-opening. She got into Business Intelligence Analytics and the journey felt lonely. There were not many people doing that and barely any woman at all. 

She realized what major problems there are to solve; Accessibility to affordable courses, Accountability and a support group to help women tackle the challenges that even come with being a working or ambitious woman. Gitgirl was born to solve the problems just mentioned with our curriculums and learning experience designed for women and girls. 

The initiative will have many programs and will serve as a resource point for data on the female talent pipeline and technology in Africa. Our popular program is the Code N’ Wine program targeted at women looking for the opportunity to learn new tech skills and start a new life, it also operates as a study group which can be set up as different chapters.

Why the name “Gitgirl”? We are calling on to the girl child inside of every woman of African descent to embrace the curiosity of discovering new things using technology. A gitgirl is fearless, curious and open to learning & trying new things.


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