Empowering African women to push beyond their comfort zone & get the skills that pay the bills!


Start your coding bootcamp journey

Our Code N’ Wine coding bootcamp prep course exposes you to programming fundamentals in HTML, CSS, JavaScript for Front-end development and the fundamentals of SQL and BI Analytics for Data Analytics. Complete with projects that help you build your code portfolio, real time collaborative tools that connect you with fellow students and instructors, and on-demand support from our technical coaches, our coding bootcamp prep course is the most supportive and comprehensive way to begin learning to code and is totally structured around your lifestyle.


explore your future in tech

This course is the best way to experience Gitgirl’s curriculum, community, and culture firsthand – and to explore whether you’re passionate about pursuing code as a career.


on-demand & community support

Our on-demand team of Technical Coaches is ready to help you get unstuck when you need help – broadening your understanding by helping you find a solution to a lesson, not solving it for you.


have fun while at it

This course is the best way to get real hands-on experience with the programming fundamentals while catching up with a community of like-minded females.


Start thinking like a Software developer & Data Analyst

Our bootcamp prep course immediately prepares you to recognise patterns, abstractions, and commonalities between languages and to think like a true software engineer or data analyst – ready to continue learning new technologies for any job.

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