Start your dream tech career by learning with us.

Whether you’re a beginner or you have no prior coding knowledge, we can transform the way you see code.


Our Code N’ Wine coding bootcamp prep course exposes you to programming fundamentals in HTML, CSS, JavaScript for Front-end development and the fundamentals of SQL and BI Analytics for Data Analytics. Complete with projects that help you build your code portfolio, real time collaborative tools that connect you with fellow students and instructors, and on-demand support from our technical coaches, our coding bootcamp prep course is the most supportive and comprehensive way to begin learning to code and is totally structured around your lifestyle.


Front-end development track

Fascinated by building web structures and human facing parts of the web? Then this track is for you.


For your final project, you’ll build a multi-page website, which can be a personal or business website, or a recreation of one of your favourite sites. To complete the project and earn your certificate, you’ll use a combination of skills and tools, including HTML, CSS, and flexbox. Using HTML, you will learn how to structure information on a web page, with headings, paragraphs, and lists.

CSS will then be introduced, allowing you to add style and formatting, with everything from color to page layout. Once you’re familiar with CSS, you’ll begin building components and utilizing flexbox to create fluid and dynamic pages. Javascript is the last bit & the fun part.


Data Analytics track

Curious to know how to generate business insights from a data collection? Then this is for you.

To earn your certificate, you will complete an industry-minded analysis project on a data set of your choosing. This will be an end-to-end analysis, requiring you to collect and clean data, develop a hypothesis, and analyze your data to prove or disprove it. You will then have to create visualizations to present your insights in a meaningful way.

Work with data more efficiently by taking your Excel skills to the next level. Learn how to import, store, organize, and analyze data, and use functions and pivot tables. Learn how to organize data within a database, and access it using Structured Querying Language (SQL). Develop core querying skills, including how to manipulate data within a database and connect your data to other tools.


Loving what you’ve read so far? Then you might want to know that these courses are very affordable with flexible payment options.

  • 1 Full Payment: Our course lasts for 6 months after which you are placed in an organisation to kickstart your tech career. If you are confident that tech is for you, pay a one time payment of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND NAIRA (N100,000.00) and enjoy a discount on the bootcamp.

  • 2 monthly instalments: Our course lasts for 6 months after which you are placed in an organisation to kickstart your tech career. You can pay FIFTY TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED NAIRA (N52,500.00) in two instalments.

  • 6 monthly instalments: It’s okay if you want to test the waters and pay as you learn. This option enables you pay a non-discounted rate of SEVENTEEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED NAIRA (N17,500.00) monthly. You can opt out at anytime but you cannot rejoin the program until there’s an available slot.