Helping African women reach their potential

Gitgirl is a revolutionary academy that gives women the tools and training needed to kickstart their career in tech after 6-9 months of an immersive digital training.

Education through motivation & community

Gitgirl programs provide you with a community of likeminded professionals looking to get the skills that pay the bills. We focus on wellbeing, accountability partnerships, and giving you the motivation needed to achieve your goals.

Empowered with in-demand skills for success

Our curriculums are cutting-edge and increase your capacity to thrive as a woman in tech. Whether you're your own boss or you're building a career, our programs prepare you for success.

Trusted by individuals and teams in fast-growing companies

I have learnt how to answer problem questions. I can answer them by writing queries with SQL and/or through visualization with Excel. I have also learnt how to properly present data using charts and insights.
Adeola Adeyemi


I’ve learnt how to write better reports based on the insights I get from datasets, ask questions about the implications of the results of the analyzed data and also how to apply these insights to businesses.
Oluwafunmilayo Sofuwa


From Our Blog

“So often, I’d be the only woman at a conference with a clear majority of male attendees, and I stood out even more doing what I was doing. But otherwise I think people largely respected me, I think largely because the work speaks for itself”

Mohini Ufeli, Media Manager @ Paystack